Soundgarden - Superunknown (20th Anniversary)

℗ 2014 A&M Records

Superunknown (20th Anniversary) Tracklist:


Easily one of the best rock albums of all time! From top to bottom every song is great. Not just good, GREAT. It took me way to long to recognize just how good these guys were, fronted by one of the best vocalists of any musical era. I challenge you to find a better singer than Chris Cornell.


One of my favorite albums.


This album is when I first heard it years ago and it still holds up to this day. This is without question to me one of the best grunge albums ever released. This album is flawless in my opinion. R.I.P CHRIS CORNELL. hopefully he’s finally found some sort of peace in the afterlife.


If it weren’t for my brother I would of never discovered Soundgarden and their great songs.. R.I.P Chis Cornell


If I tried to explain in words how great soundgarden, and Chris’s other bands like audioslave and temple of the dog are, it would take MUCH to long. Rock on! 🤟🤟


Part of the top 5 best singers in the world all coming out of Seattle. Chris, Layne, Kurt, Scott, And Ed. Temple, garden, and audioslave will never die. Chris your legacy will never die. Rock on wherever you are and smoke a big one for us. xox

Kenneth Glee

Perfection. ( From Start To Finish. )


This album was ahead of its time and is easily the greatest Alt Rock of all time!!! 🤘🏽

Destroyer 21👾

This is one of the best alt rock albums that exist, and only one review?! Soundgarden rules !!!