Morrissey - I Am Not a Dog on a Chain

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I Am Not a Dog on a Chain Tracklist:

William H. Bonnie

This album is really only for Morrissey completists. And if you're one of them you already know they're most likely going to release a deluxe edition of this album in a couple months.


Morrissey is so damned consistent and is working harder now than he ever did. I wish the mainstream would give him the praise he deserves.


I am a huge fan of the Smiths and early Morrissey. I never in a million years thought there would come a day where I thought Moz was boring. And yet, here we are...

Ben Kenon

Never thought I’d say this, but Moz has become a 21st Century hack. He says and does deliberately incendiary things for the notoriety, hoping to convert social media outrage into streams and sales. He has destroyed his own legacy and damaged that of The Smiths. Just retire already.


And so needed at this time.


This album is brilliant! Its a masterpiece and his voice is better and stronger than its ever been. Leave the old crowd behind they wont get it. Morrissey is evolving. There isnt a bad track on this album. At this point in his career he can still pump out brilliance! bravo!

What A crock

I, admittedly was not “wowed” at first listen... that has changed. This record is solid, the production is fantastic, lyrical content on brand, just an overall impressive Morrissey record; ‘goodnight and thank you’.


I hear several enjoyable tracks on this new album. My comment would be that the music has gotten better, modern almost to a jaring point. Your brain is hearing Morrissey and expecting a differnt sound underneath his still excptional vocal ablities. But it all works. I would offer this challange to those who think 'Dog on a Chain' is about being politicly right. I hear somthing differnt in this song - it's almost an ode to those who follow any party blindly - Morrissey seems to be asking to think for themselves. I prefer my entertainers to be just that - music should be the escape from everything.


As perfect as it gets. Lyrical , musical and cohesive perfection. One could not ask for more from THIS man at THIS present time. A Morrissey CLASSIC.... in the vein of You Are The Quarry and Southpaw.


Why did he not credit Cocteau Twins' Tishbite - for using their riff? I mean It's Elizabeth's vocal line - used in the horn section. And it's pretty recognizable if you ask me...


Reviews of new Morrissey albums tend to be divided among two camps: "this is the best Morrissey album ever; he's still got it," or "this is the worst Morrissey album ever; he's a has been." Both can't be true. In this case the truth falls somewhere in the middle. It's nowhere near the best (Arsenal, Vauxhall, and Quarry) but it's not as quite bad as the worst (Low in High School and California Son). As a longtime Morrissey fan I'm used to inconsistency between albums and even within albums and in that respect this is typical Morrissey.


Sing the title to one of his standard melodies. It's as good as anything on the album.

mama and teddy bear🐻

lions and elephants and bears OH MY! ... DO NOT TRUST MEAT EATERS


Very Good! "Once I saw the river clean" is fantastic and ventires into new territory


I still feel that Morrissey’s best albums are “Your Arsenal” and “Vauxhall and I”. That being said, the first seven songs on this album are songs that are both enjoyable and catchy. “Jim Jim Falls” delivers a mood similar to “Unhappy Birthday” and can be set to repeat. Bravo!


Each song has its place on this album, his best work on whole since Kill Uncle. Beautifully written lyrics in time with intricate musical motifs that keep you beebopping


My dad likes it but me eh


Better than the last couple albums but only marginally. The first song is good; the rest are meh. Not to mention the guy's a political nightmare these days...and it comes through his music. A gross fall of a former hero.


This is awful.


Fresh and Fantastic ! Loving this new album ! Loving the instrumentation he chose.. not just the standard guitar/drum...but an expansion of other instrumentation


I don’t know what BobMoz was listening to when he wrote his review. The first three songs released are all highly catchy, excellent Moz pop tunes. The Thelma Houston collaboration is amazing, Love is on its way out is also wonderful, and Knockabout world is great. Normally it takes several listens to an album before songs really jump out, but this one seriously surprised me. I wasn’t a huge fan of Low in High School or World Peace ..., both were ok with a handful of good songs, but this album is SERIOUSLY GREAT. I can’t get enough of the second side, starting with Darling Hug, maybe my favorite at this time. We will look back and see that this was Morrissey’s finest whole record in decades. It is a shame that some in the press won’t give his music a fair shake anymore. Anyone that has followed Morrissey knows he has always spoke for the underclassed, underdogs, and underprivileged. Taking things he’s said out of context and calling him racist is really laughable, ... listen to his music and review all his actions, he’s a genuinely good person who just happens to love his country. This album is terrific, a real surprise, and anyone who is a fan will realize it after a few spins.


Morrissey is a lyrical genius and he proves it every single time. His voice in this album is beautiful.


I have been a fan of Morrissey and the Smiths for more then 20+ years I took a shot of listening to this album without any bias of his current political views. After giving the album a good listening there is not a redeeming song on this album, where in the past if there was 2 or 3 decent and catchy songs the strength of those songs alone could carry the album, but here there is none of that. Half the songs are filled with Morrissey yodeling but not in a classic Morrissey yodeling sense it’s filled with sound fx and auto tune yodeling which gives the songs a strange vibe and sound to the songs it’s almost like nails on a chalkboard. Morrissey’s voice is showing some age as well you can clearly here at the end of him singing the lyrics the voice of old man who’s voice is about to crack and that is something Autotune can’t fix. I had my hopes up for this album but it looks like Morrissey and his music writing talents are good and dead, he should look to hang it up and retire after this abomination of an album.


Morrissey has been inconsistent throughout the years, for sure; however, to suggest that his new songs we’ve heard so far are “bad” or that he is “washed up” is a giant leap. Knockabout World and Love Is On It’s Way Out sound like Bona Drag and You Are The Quarry had a baby. I find 2 out of the 3 songs released so far to be very promising.


Who is still listening to and buying this guy’s music? I have never personally been a fan, maybe because I don’t like whiners to begin with but especially ones singing about it. Anyway I have never thought he was talented and then he has a concert in my area recently and a bunch of people bought tickets. Then they sat at the outdoor amphitheatre and waited, and waited and waited till this egotistical has been decided to cancel his concert because it was “too cold” to perform. Couple words of advice to this waste of space, 1) dont perform outside and 2) dont book outside venues in October if your old osteoporosis having self cant handle the cold. OR you could try having a concert where you didnt stand still for the 20 minutes you are going to perform, but I guess that goes back to the osteoporosis.

Coach Lonster XVIII

The World Peace and Low in High School albums were bold and took risks. This album (3 prerelease songs) is more like early 90’s Morrissey after Viva Hate and before Southpaw Grammar. I like it, but I’m not dazzled. The bar is always set high with this artist, and I’m glad he still makes new music. These songs are growing on me.


The King of Pop continues to deliver the most compelling rock music of 2020. His intelligence and voice know no bounds.


Early in Morrissey solo career the music was the music sounds great and the lyrics are terrible. The song title are on point, as it the chores, but one line verses are weak. Its like he finds one good verse and just repeats it a hundred times. Maybe he has run out of things to say? Maybe he need to go back to reading poetry and Wilde.


Moz has lost his touch. The last two albums were terrible and now this one has joined it. Bring back Gary Day, Alain Whyte to save Morrisseys music.


Songs are limp and boring. Nothing but depression, gloom and doom. Morrissey has long seen his best days. Don’t waste your time or money on this.


I love Morrissey with all my heart but he lost me a very long time ago. I bought that last album out of pity and it was bad. Guess i’ll stick to my early 90’s Morrissey instead. Good luck Moz❤️🙏🏻

Morgan (lol)

Moz is turning me to like men!!


A fresh, and beautifully layered sound that had me humming along instantly but was interesting and unique the entire track.