Marcy Playground - Marcy Playground

℗ 1997 Capitol Catalog

Marcy Playground Tracklist:


Pi$$ed they only have the freaking clean version

boi been

All of the songs are super underrated EXCEPT for SAC. least favorite was Opium; everything else was so much better than SAC. It's a shame it was the biggest hit on the album. "Poppies" and "A Cloak of Elvenkind" are the best songs I've ever heard. Buy them. Also, Sherry Fraser and Gone crazy are amazing. Such a good album. I can't believe someone did a 2-star review and 3 PEOPLE gave a three- star review. Not cool, ShawnEpicMan6.


Sex and Candy opened my ears to them because it was a hit, but it’s my least favorite song on the album. This album is genius, a great, underrated masterpiece


The most underrated album of the 90s. Every track is amazing


This is album is just so satisfying on every level, while being criminally underrated, I can’t get enough of this album.


I've loved it from day one and it still stands up. Such a shame they are only known by Sex and Candy, while a great song, is one of my least favorite by them compared the the other gems on here.


Don't get me wrong SAC is a catchy song and MP would not have been a household name without it but it's my least favorite song by the band. I love this album, I love every song and as a fan I would be fine going to a show and not hearing SAC but hearing another different deep cut. I love that this album stood alone and did not sound like other bands on the radio at the time. MP is unique and I love them for it.


I love this band and this album. John Wozniak's voice is so mesmerizing. It's a great relaxed album. So when you need something to just sit back and relax, just put on Marcy Playground and relax away! John Wozniak uses his childhood to make these amazing humorous songs. Buy this album!


I know, like most others my favorite was Sex&Candy.

adolphus alphonso

this is a great album. listen to it for months, put it away for a while, take it out, listen to it and you will love it like you did when you heard it the first time.


This is by far one of my favorite albums of all time, and is sadly the most underrated collection of music in the post grunge alternative rock movement. Never gets old, even if I will always hate Marcy Open.


This album is honestly my favourite one by far and not just because Sex and Candy. I like Sex and Candy, it's a good song don't get me wrong but it didn't really fit in with the feel and direction Marcy Playground took with this album, so theres that. Apart from that though, this album is amazing.


A great and really underrated album.


Wow! These guys are awesome! I listen to the album over and over and it never gets old. Very good songs with a soft tone and consistency. Must buy!


i will listen to this album over and over again and thoroughly enjoy till the day i die!


Let's face it, the only reason Marcy Playground is favourable for a lot of people is because of Sex and Candy. Great single, iffy Album.

It is an ok album

This is an awesome album.the only song I didn't like was sex and candy, it was boring and uninspiring. Look beyond that only hit and you will find the greatness of this album like ancient wall of flowers or poppies.