Luke Bryan - Born Here Live Here Die Here

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 Row Crop Records, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Born Here Live Here Die Here Tracklist:


Ready for Luke to release the full album!!


please i’d rather listen to mo bamba on repeat

Deeeeeeez Nuuuuuts

this ain’t it


I love Luke Bryan. His voice is so sweet and sincere when he sings. I’m usually listening to a completely different genre of music. I thank Luke for getting me into a little country.


I need 12 margaritas for it to be tolerable

Robbie Stanton

Love country music and Luke Bryan!!!!


This is the epitome of bad country pop music


Boring. Lowkey racist performance on idol. Epitome of why country music is bad

yoongis scar

it’s not good auto tune to the max




I do not understand the purpose of any of these singles. I really miss the older “Do I” era when songs were actually touching.

Irish DCD

Keep it up Luke!!


Disgusting rat music made for bleeding ears 😍😍🤮🤮

madison marie 😃

I love Luke Bryan so much he is such an inspiration go me .


He’s made much better 🤷🏻‍♂️


Luke’s songs in this album have a very nice sound to them. Luke did a great job with these songs. I’m a big fan of Luke Bryan and I can’t wait till the album comes out!

Yo 262784

Not country


More like pop.


Didn’t he just release an album like 2 months ago? Calm down dude..oh wait that was like combs 🤣

La'Porsha is amazing

People actually like this?


Just stop already. Zero talent. Zero depth.


Luke Bryan is incredible! I can’t wait until the full album releases! Luke once again impresses.



ashy like ur A whole

is horrible don’t know how it’s even #1 right know on itunes. and beating the jonas brothers?! ridiculous


Horrible. Waste of Time. And to top it of its Not even country music.


Stream daisies


It’s a spring hit 🌼✨


Daisies #1🌼


I am more surprised at the reviewers acting surprised that Luke put out a pop-bro country album. Hello? That is his genre and always has been. It’s not like he was confused with George Strait on his last 10 albums! Personally, I enjoy listening to Luke. His voice is soothing and he is the best of the best at the pop country sound. That sound ain’t going away soon folks! It is what country is evolving to. The first and forth tracks are flat out fun! The third is a little mellow but a quality theme song for the album. The other is an up tempo ballad that Luke does well. If you are not a fan of Luke Bryan why clog up this page with poor reviews about not liking his style. Go review someone that makes music you like. This is a decent Luke Bryan album and should not be bashed because it’s not your style music.

Vers 4 Vers

Luke, keep up the great work. If people don’t like it because you are not ‘country enough’ oh well. ✌🏽 Dude, it makes the cash so keep it up! Who else goes on multiple tours for the same album? No one other than, Beyoncé. Do you and make no apologies for creating the music you want.


Good lord, Luke. Stop making music for 20 year olds and make some music with some texture and meaning that doesn’t involve auto tune. You’re better than this BS

Spicy Homework

I Really Like Track 4 It’s Very May 5thish it is totally Bob Marley To Zac Brown


Miss the old Luke


Is this an album with 10 songs really? This definitely needs at lest 4-6 more songs on it. I canceled my preorder.


Good for you Nashville for forgetting anything good you ever knew about country music.


Terrible....every album I think, can’t get any worse....and then it does!

jones the bones


Jackson Bryant

These people complaining on here are the same people that were selling out Luke’s shows 15 years ago! Now they wanna act like you gotta sound like Chris Stapleton or Tyler Childers to be country...


Ah, I just think he is as good as everyone makes him out to be.. sorry Lukey lol soooo autotuned

Xxnight_wolf girlxX

<>Is the best song peeps❤️❤️❤️U~U :3 ;3 <>


How can you claim to be a country music fan and talk bad about luke bryan? These reviews are terrible. Good songs, one margarita is a instant summer jam!


I don’t want to be mean but this is not very good. Let’s get back to traditional country music please because this stuff is not fun to listen to.

no nickname needed to express

Sorry song - it’s tragic when a man his age sings ridiculous songs about margaritas- Mr. Bore Bryan I definitely won’t be buying or streaming your new album. The first single is pathetic and I don’t even care about the other tracks on it.

Traveling Kilbury

Maybe I could get this Luke Bryan's album on August 7th because that's my 33rd birthday.


Number 4. Yikes what is that?! He does not need that weird auto tune


Zero stars.


i know you’re not country anymore but at least make some decent sounding music. over produced auto tuned garbage



Go Florida 2

Is that really even considered an album?? It’s April and we have to wait 4 more months just for 6 songs? Something isn’t right.