Lele Pons - Celoso

10:22 pm / Universal Music Latino / UMLE; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Celoso - Single Tracklist:


Lele is back and she made this song after or on my birthday!!!!!!!!!! I love Lele pons!!!!! Slay queen!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


Better than Jessenia’s “Ammo” bs, if you hate Lele, then you eat my doodoo


Dura dura dura


I love this song sooooo much and I love lele pons sooo much as well!!!❤️❤️❤️


That rhythms it so cool how they did it I love your songs don’t listen to the hate comments ignore them be you! I love your music keep it up and your vines


This gets me celoso every time I listen to this song love it

The somg rater

The beat Is amazing 😉. It has amazing content too.


Great song!


Just stop lele, you have nothing left, you never deserved the attention you got and when you got that attention you started to act cocky with it. The only reason why people still see you face is because of the disgusting YouTube rewind, you and that other random girl, Liza. If you want to continue a career find something new and stop scraping people for attention.


Made me fall in love with Latin music ❤️


keep it up lele ❤️

Rabbits and Dogs for life

It’s amazing and I really love it especially because I am Latina, I honestly love this song.


The song itself is catchy but should have been sung by someone else. There’s way too much auto tune :(


So good!!! My fav song ever! Why so much hate?!?? Good vines they make me like lol


It is amazing it is so catchy and your vocals make me so Celoso good job on the song!!😊😊


I dig this.

Jazzers but

I think the song is extremely catchy. I’ve never been a fan of Lele I honestly don’t like her much, I do enjoy the song but her vocals aren’t displayed well in the song


I don’t care if I have no idea what you’re saying, this song is still really great also I am a big fan of you on YouTube!


I’m bothered.

Noëlle fro

Great song

Yass to sara!👸

Celoso great song


I’d heard Lele sing before and thought she’d be releasing a song that showed off her musical abilities. This is not it. I wouldn’t count it as great nor a talented piece of work. It’s like every garbage song that’s come out with loud noise, some catchy beats, but repetitive nonsense


This actually kinda smacks


It’s amazingggg🌟🌟🌟you can your own opinions, I have mine!!

lele ❤️❤️❤️❤️ YASS

I love you Lele this song is amazing I love it!!!



Summer Breez 🤩🧜🏼‍♀️

I know both the English lyrics and Spanish lyrics all you haters that don’t like this song SHAME ON YOU


I’m in love with this song! I’m just blown away with Lele’s talent. I’m learning how to speak Spanish, it’s apart of my culture, I’m Hispanic, but I grew up learning English, so this is definitely going to help me catch on to Spanish more! 💜


The beat is cool but she has no talent whatsoever


This song is not bad at all!


If she tries to sing this live it will be a horrible performance. She has a flat voice I hope at least she is able to carry a melody 😂😂. But then again just lip sync


Haters gonna hate, haters are your biggest fans thanks for buying the song... y'all are low key fans


Lele pons ain’t funny, she can’t act and she can’t sing. She is famous because she has an ugly face

Emily Drew Bieber

Yes Lele! I’m so grateful to be Spanish! Ok repeat!


Really great song!

Mr.Fabian NYC

Appreciate the intent to make music, but fame as Youtube star can only take you so far. Comedy videos are her strength, but singer ehhh not so much.

Momma scrabble!!

So catchy. I love this song. No puedo esperar para que salgan con el álbum!

Huda El

It stick in My Mind , everyday i Sing This masterpiece good job ❤️❤️💋💕😘Lele I Love You So Much !!!



f**k the haters

I love this song!!!


I don’t care what some people might say, this is a good song and Lele did an awesome job! I didn’t know she could sing, and she can, very well!


I love your music


I would say stick to comedy but you're not even good at that


Lele has a good voice but the tunes and distribution are very bad


This is who they are signing now


I have no idea what she’s singing about but I live the beat and song! Will be listening to this while pumping weights!❤️


^^ trash.


Good god this is awful.