Lady Gaga - Chromatica

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Chromatica Tracklist:



Gaga has done it again amazing album i can’t even choose a favorite i love the whole album just like all your other music amazing job I love you !!


Love Gaga’s vision and expression in this album. Seriously not a single skip track. Paws up!


On repeat !!! Love it




She’s put so much thought, energy, creativity and talent into this album! Listen from the first song to last (in order)! Absolute perfection!😍


WAITED SO LONG for this album and I flew to heaven when I pressed play!!! Can’t believe so many people are hating on it!! The world is crazy right now everyone needs a little dance to keep themselves going! I wish there was a slow song but I love ALL of them so excited for the tour🤩😝❤️


I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time, and QUEEN IS BACK!!!


Gaga’s back with the club album we always wanted from her. Dance, dance dance. House music all night long!


I love crying yo dance music 🙃

Trey A$bury

No skips, maybe, maybe the best album. In the entire world.

why do i need a nickname :|

dance queen gaga is back 💕


Really like the album,so amazing,so good。


Good have been GREAT, but it's NOT!




I like it.


This dance-pop album is more cohesive than fan-favorite 2013 record ARTPOP, more personal than her 2016 country crossover Joanne and reaches the highs of 2011's Born This Way. If you ever were on the fence about Gaga, Chromatica is the record to dive into. Each "act" is accompanied with the perfect orchestral instrumentation. And each collaboration is a new and effective notch in Lady Gaga's catalog. Her most personal album and it is a return to the dancefloor! Don't just take my word, buy Chromatica or just the collaborations - "Rain On Me" with Ariana Grande, "Sour Candy" with the renowned K-Pop phenomenon BLACKPINK and "Sine From Above" with Sir Elton John. #WelcomeToChromatica #ServeItAncientCityStyle #BattleForYourLife #Babylon


Literally, the lyrical power and aesthetic of Born This Way mixed with the sounds from ARTPOP bring to life this incredible album. You can even feel some of her other projects come through in this “The Fame” come through in songs like Babylon and “A Star is Born” come through in “Fun Tonight” and “Enigma”.


Every song was created by Gaga to be played over and over


Gaga comes back with a solid album filled with 90s club influenced bangers.


Literally garbage


This is pretty good, but it’s not like I haven’t heard it before


A great dance album for the club!!!


At first I was a little dissapointed. ARTPOP was my FAVORITE ALBUM EVER. The beats went HARD on Artpop, I feel like this album has a little bit of every album she’s ever made it in. I only wish we had a better chorus/more intense beats like artpop when they do the breakdownson chromatica. A lot of the songs build up to the chorus/breakdown only to fall flat. But they are growing on me, and I can always listen to a remix if I want harder beats. But RAIN ON ME IS THAT VIDEO AND SONG!! The rest of the album displays her gorgeous vocals, and she sounds the best she has in years! IM SO PROUD OF YOU GAGA


This album single handily cured my depression and anxiety disorder

*Punk Rocker*

Good overall. Just wanted something a little different


In this record Gaga is showing one more time that she’s the queen of dance electronic pop.

Mom to 2 yr old

What an awesome dance album, my spirit needed this after 2.5 months of lockdown!


This has to be the most cohesive piece of work that she has ever done. Everything is all put together nicely even though its not crazy like her other albums but in summary i think this is a huge improvement lyric wise and song wise. Like who would ever thought of gaga making a house album it sounds unreal. All i have to say is thank you lady gaga you saved my life with this album


Love this album 💗


but still luv it!


This is POP PERFECTION!!!! Thank you, Mother Monster for an iconic album!


Lady Gaga does it again! Releases an amazing album. She just really loves her little monsters so much. amazing album can’t get it out of my head. The collaborations are amazing too! Just a cherry on top!


Every song sounds the same... Best cover album artwork by her so far but this is definitely the worst album of her... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


911 the best song on the album. It’s sound is bolder than the rest of the album. Some songs sound the same. Not 911 tho. Good message in that song too


this is just an overall amazing record, brings me back to the beginning of gaga’s career because she was snapping then and still snapping now! congrats on that new record stivan❤️


This album has been her most cohesive album since BTW. It’s perfect, from the interludes to the main tracks.


Sorry Gaga but how generic and horrendous to listen to. Every song sounds the same. Bad generic beats and one long terrible song after another that’s painful to listen to. You’re not evolving very well.


I love this music... it speaks to my soul. I’m addicted. Well done Ms Gaga 👏👏👏


Still knocking them dead, all these songs are well produced and preformed. Bravo


There are no words for how talented and musically inclined Lady Gaga is. With that being said, most all of the tracks are identical and pretty monotonous. I’m extremely disappointed in this album.


Gaga has pushed the envelope yet again and as palpable her songs are to the general audience, it sticks gravely hard to her Little Monster base. Get onboard... or keep on looking for wonderland!


The best album to come out this year to date!


Wow, this album has all the elements of Gaga. There are so many good songs on this album. She truly takes you on a journey from start to finish. I’m so in love with all of the featured artists as well. Sine from Above was a beautiful song and hit home in my heart, Elton John just brings that perfect blend to Gaga’s voice. For me though my #1 has got to be 911. The melodies were perfect and I love what she did with her voice. This album was a shining light for us in this dark time of life. Thank you Lady Gaga for being a beautiful human and truly beautiful soul !

Efrain Charlie

“The Album of 3 Acts is Full of Exciting Energy of Pop Dance Music to be listen as what she did with the Fame and Edge of Glory but this time in a way from what she has learn over the years by describing her journey on it. All acts are the stages of how she started, where she is been through, and where is heading in the future. The Content of the Music Contains New Elements and Lyrics that she has never done which takes her into trying New Stuff that can Work or is a Test for a Later Album that she can bring on it next time. In the End, this album brings something for her Fans to Enjoy and New People to Join in the Army of Monsters.” 10/10 Has everything from Slow Music to New Stuff to try to what she already has done into a new level which is 1/3 of Everything.


GAGA! You have given me such a blessing that I did not think I needed but holy did you deliver. I have stanned you since Just Dance and I have NEVER looked back. You have given such purpose to Pop music that it will never be the same without you. Thank you for another masterpiece and IMO 911 is Song of the Year. Such talent and beauty, please don’t ever stop being a QUEEN.


So far this is one of the best albums released this year. Every song has a beautiful and inspiring message! Thank you, Queen Lady Gaga for introducing the world of Chromatica to us! 💜💖

Me 👍🏻

Loving the beats, loving the voice and the vibes! Oh so Gaga!


In a world that seems to be falling apart, Chromatica is an album for the moment, a love-filled, dance-powered planet-type antidote to the insanity happening on Earth. Thank You Gaga!!!


I rely on streaming music services for most of my music but after listening to this on Spotify. I had to buy the album! Worth it.


Love this Album So much!!!! ❤️💗

Music Album of Lady Gaga:

Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song (feat. Elton John) [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single
Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song feat. Elton John [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single (2010)