Childish Gambino - 3.15.20

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3.15.20 Tracklist:

i love you tyler

This album was beautiful


It's a musical masterpiece


3.15.20 did not grab me at first but after listening to it a few more times, I am sold. The album reflects Childish Gambino's growth as an artist. Those expecting another "Awaken My Love" or "Camp" will be disappointed, but I appreciated Gambino's desire to take risks and not to stay in one place musically. On this album, Childish Gambino continues to make very intersting, genre deying music and it seems that he was particularly influenced by Stevie Wonder, Prince, the Beatles, and even the Beach Boys among others. Songs incorporate multiple genres including Techno, Psychedelic Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B and five songs are especially noteworthy: Time, 12.38, 42.26, 47.48, and 53.49. If this is Childish Gambino's final album, I think he leaves on a high note. (4.5/5.0)


Funk/Soul classic


He fell off big time. What happened to him?


This is gonna win some Grammy love gambino ❤️❤️great album Great choice very different type of music but good. Tells a great message.


No words honestly


The great Donald Glover continues to give the world timeless classics... This album is amazing!


Lol you’re not a real Gambino fan if you think this album is trash.


Well, I don’t really know why he’s retiring Gambino, but I’d say Donald Glover has matured well past his first couple of albums. The “Camp” fan base that keeps on wishing for more of that sound aren’t going to get it. Glovers present mature and authentic sound deserves a new artist name that will stop associating him with his previous sound, and immature fan base that aren’t able to appreciate true artistry and experimentation. The album is Fantastic by the way, takes you on a journey.




I wanted to love this album since it is technically his last, but it just seemed incomplete too me. There is elements from each song that could have been captured better and expanded open. The other problem I had with this album is some of the songs just felt so long. A lot of the songs could have been shorter, gotten the message across without dragging on.


I respect Donald’s artistry in that he never gets complacent. His focus, ideas, style, and outlook is always changing. Those that gave this album bad reviews did so because they want Childish Gambino the rapper, not Childish Gambino the artist.


Maybe my fault for blindly buying the album before sampling the tracks, as I’ve been a fan from the start, but this isn’t comparable to anything in the past. It doesn’t sound like a CG album at all, and not at all what I was expecting. A little disappointed.


you cant take a single song on this project and point to someone who could have inspired . this project is in its own league


I don’t know what I just heard, but it wasn’t good.


Getting worse each album


Yeah another great album to listen to while high, especially 32.22!

link is sweet----

None of these songs are exciting. Monotonous sounding and a white album picture?? Sad.


The reason we love Donald Glover ❤️


Been awhile since I heard an album that I can run without having to rewind or forward. Of course some songs start slow and even a little much autotune but listen to the song and it’s ART.


One of the best albums of our time


Not even Gambino, NO GOOD SONGS


Sounds like a Prince knockoff record


Very good. Unique give it time 👌




What is up w all the numbers & the freaking AUTOTUNE?! Like dang nothing sounds normal in this album. There was just something so disturbing about it. This was straight up TRASH.


Tracks like 19.10 and 53.49 are very fun to listen to. Stuff like 47.48 and 42.22 are also good. Tracks like 0.00 are a little bit weird, but still good.

Eccentric BRO

Beautiful, cohesive mix of many genres and experimental instrumentation. Gambino does it again.

Elbin Alomar

Because The Internet showed me how music can be like a movie. This album gives me visuals while listening to it. It’s very interesting and not for the average mainstream listener, if you don’t enjoy exploring the mystery of art in music you won’t enjoy this. Awaken My Love! caught me off guard when it dropped and didn’t know how I felt about it until I listened more and more and now I love that album. I really am intrigued by this album already and I’m sure I’ll grow to love it and look back at it like a classic.

Duá Lipa

Oh my god finally, the mastermind has dropped another one. It’s been a pleasure Mr. Glover.


This whole album has a great meaning in every song but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of listening to the song.

Tinom Cheung

this is a brand new perfection


In a world where mainstream pop is just trashy beats and bland production mixed with lyrics that are laughable, it’s nice to hear something that actually is creative and unique.


This album is straight fire.



gospel lover

Ariana Grande, Brent Jones & Childish Gambino - enough said!! Masterpiece


This album should have not been released

Head Honcho 🙌🏾

This man is so versatile and precise at his craft it’s ridiculous, truly a classic I love it so much...I can’t wait until we find out the meaning behind the song titles 😂

ya boy jb

Not my style. Respect the risk though.


Not a perfect album but he takes a lot of chances that pay off. There’s a lot of unique sounds and blending of genres that you can’t hear anywhere else except for a Gambino album. A great album to start off the decade.


Not a perfect album but he takes a lot of chances that pay off. There’s a lot of unique sounds and blending of genres that you can’t hear anywhere else except for a Gambino album. A great album to start off the decade.


His best album in my opinion 💯


Stunning work of art pulling from all his past works and reinventing the music scene of 2020.




so many different influences on this project, but executed in such a unique way... kinda feels like a musical thesis on humanity... it’ll probably take some time for others to understand/digest since it’s more experimental but this is surely donald glover at his best


Wasn't expecting this, but I like a lot of it.


This is an absolutely awful album. Can hardly understand anything he is saying. The beats on some of these tracks are dope but I don’t know why he’s heading in this experimental direction. Rating it 1 star because I can’t rate it 0.