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Smash Girls: Samus and Palutena's Bedroom Smash!

Artist: kinkymation
Parody: kid icarus, metroid
Smash Girls: Samus and Palutena's Bedroom Smash!

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (17)
  1. Gorden Mark
    Gorden Mark 11 December 2020 19:15 Reply
  2. IZAYA
    IZAYA 11 December 2020 19:22 Reply
    We cant claim DIPSHIT
    Also i bet GooShooter will read this comic
    1. Gooshooter
      Gooshooter 11 December 2020 20:02 Reply
      The fact you know me well is concerning.
      1. Guest Noob
        Guest Noob 11 December 2020 23:09 Reply
        We all do.  You are already somewhat of an og here 
        1. SIR bored
          SIR bored 12 December 2020 04:14 Reply
          Ops guess you answerd before me 

          Ps apparently I'm blind as fuck
      2. SIR bored
        SIR bored 12 December 2020 04:12 Reply
        Well you being here tells a lot about you. 
  3. s0450221
    s0450221 11 December 2020 19:30 Reply
    kinkymation did it again we can all agree that hes the best comic maker in this web i have you in my heart kinky
    1. Guest Yes
      Guest Yes 11 December 2020 19:53 Reply
  4. John-117
    John-117 11 December 2020 20:26 Reply
    Best? Hmmm...idk, we got guys like Mr. E here too soooo...
  5. Marth Fire Emblem
    Marth Fire Emblem 11 December 2020 20:38 Reply
    1. Why just why
      Why just why 12 December 2020 00:15 Reply
      Speaking of which, can someone post some Final Fantasy stuff pls.
      I'd ask Giorno but...
  6. Burner
    Burner 12 December 2020 00:22 Reply
    I claim this for myself, Because i like smash bros, And nobody can tell me i can't claim because this is an actual account

    1. Gooshooter
      Gooshooter 12 December 2020 03:59 Reply
      Prove it stove top
    2. Marth Fire Emblem
      Marth Fire Emblem 12 December 2020 05:37 Reply
      Too bad it's unclaimed.
      You're still burning in hell; real account or not
  7. Yoda on Weed
    Yoda on Weed 12 December 2020 05:07 Reply
    Yes! YEs! YES!!!!
  8. Caustic
    Caustic 12 December 2020 09:01 Reply
    It's time to gas Gordon for his transgressions. Prepare to die you insect
  9. Sephiroth
    Sephiroth 16 February 2021 14:23 Reply
    I seem to have been called upon by Marth